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We are creators of meaningful trips to remote destinations in Colombia. We co-create exclusive itineraries with the best local operators, offering experiences that generate value in the lives of travelers visiting unknown places. We integrate natural, cultural and adventure experiences. Encouraging local and sustainable tourism in the regions.

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Traveling life changing lives

Check offers expeditions that change the lives of travelers and locals. Encouraging the most representative life experiences of each region. Community encounters, gastronomic experiences, extreme adventure… All our trips are facilitated by a Check Guide, who facilitates the purpose of each of our trips. It is the opportunity to have a life experience meeting a group of new friends full of incredible energy.

We are the best tourism ecosystem

At Check we seek to make a systemic change, environmentally, culturally, socially and economically in the tourism industry.


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We seek to connect tourism with social consciousness.

We support and promote the interaction of local communities to create a bridge between tourism and the natives of the tourist sites.

We start in 2021

We provide high quality services since 2012


First expeditions at national level


We enable public purchases through our website


We improve the user experience for the purchase of expeditions.

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Our company is in a constant process of expansion so we are constantly looking for new talents.

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